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edge+stretch TEAM WORKSHOPS

Your context and needs determine what we do. 


We design workshops with you to meet specific requirements, not off the shelf awaydays. Examples of what we have been asked to do by clients include:


  • Developing a feedback culture;

  • Working through difference to decision and action;

  • Supporting an executive team to work through major breakdown in relationships between team members;

  • Strategy sessions;

  • Team observation and feedback.


Key to all our team interventions is that we focus on creating the conditions for a deeper level of dialogue plus support and challenge. Without that, little changes.


What works in one place may not work in another.


We together inquire into what you and your colleagues think might help, and together we agree the approach. Where possible, we co-design, as we want you to learn from us from the beginning, so you are better able to take care of yourselves going forward.


Drop us a line if you want to talk through the options, discuss what we have seen work and not work, and consider together what we might co-create for you. 

Find out more about our work with teams:

// team development+design




We don't do 'awaydays'.

“Steve has the ability toblend coaching, team coaching and facilitation into one smooth experience.”


Nick Beazley

John Lewis Partnership

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