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edge+stretch FOR individuals

Coaching, supervision and 1:1 development. 


We see coaching as just one approach to supporting personal and professional development. In recent years, clients have invited us to work with them in a way that is not constrained by conventional notions of a 'coaching relationship'. That is not to denigrate the value of a good coach, and we offer that, and...

Not all coaches and consultants are the same.

Edge+Stretch offers a window into a rich, eclectic and diverse network of practitioners who can work with you in a variety of different ways. Some of us are gentle nudgers, others are guides, a number will provoke and disrupt and, crucially, none will shy away from challenging you appropriately. 

That means we can offer people who meet you where you are at: we don't just offer cookie cutter coaching or supervision. 


We don't decide what success looks like, you do.

Sounds obvious? Not so much. We often hear about coaches and consultants who are so invested in their clients' success, they have lost sight of their role. Whatever you need, we can probably help, and if we can't, we will point you in the direction of others who may be able to.

"What is different about working with you is that you are perceptive and pick up on the detail of things. I feel like I could pick up the phone to you in a panic and you would remember where we had left off and be pleased to hear from me. It feels like a genuine connection and not something where the clock is ticking."


Kelly Shepherd

Institute of Development Studies


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