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We don’t do awaydays.  We do real team development. 


Team awaydays translate to us as 'we need to get away and do something because there are things we find it hard to talk about but would rather not'. They tend to be superficial bonding exercises that, at best, leave people having had fun without addressing what is really going on and, at worst, deepen distrust and dysfunction. These, we do not do.

We help you do the work that needs to be done, not avoid it. Nearly every team we work with fails to do two things, which in no small part contribute to where they are struggling:


  1. They have not agreed a set of ground rules, simple rules, ways of working (call them what you like) that spell out how people are agreeing they will handle task and relationships.

  2. Once agreed, they do not rigorously hold each other to account around these. 


We don’t believe there is a great secret to team development.


The question is whether you are up for the work proper that is required. If you are not, it doesn’t matter what tool or instrument you use: you are unlikely to be able to create the psychological safety you need. 


Get in touch if you need help with becoming a more effective team, working through conflict, improving motivation, deepening trust or simply getting to know each other better.

“Operating in a psychologically safe environment is not about being ‘nice’ and is not about lowering performance standards.

It is about holding each other to account, challenging each other and sharing with each other even the wildest of dreams & how they could achieve them together.”


Professor Sophia Jowett 

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