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edge+stretch team coaching

Your team is our client, not you. 


The client is not any one individual; rather it is the whole group. We use a variety of approaches, and have people qualified in various disciplines and instruments that can support the work you may need to do. 


All of these are aimed at supporting the team to become more skilled and self-sufficient at two things:


  1. Getting better at task;

  2. Knowing when and where they need to attend to relationships and group dynamics because that is where task and delivery is being derailed.


Build your personal and collective capabilities.


There is no magic to improving team climate and performance; instead that requires deepening connection and respect, whilst chewing through the differences that separate and sabotage. 


If you want to more about the approaches we can offer, which include Group Process Consulting, Systemic Constellations, Human Systems Dynamics and good old skilled facilitation, drop us a line.

Find out more about our work with teams:

// team development+design


Unless you do the 'work proper' as a team, don't expect things to change.

“You take people to a place where they're uncomfortable, but never unsafe.”


Adrian Clarke

Virgin Media

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