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edge+stretch our story

Every business starts somewhere. 

I've been working in the organisational change space for over twenty years, in various guises. Having left my last full-time role as a Senior Consultant at Roffey Park, I was musing on what to call my new business, should I decide to set one up. What became Edge+Stretch started as a throwaway comment.


I was talking with a colleague about the nature of learning and how clients experience me . The phrase ‘edge and stretch’ came up, and a fuse was lit. Over time, the idea of edge and stretch stuck in my head, as it seemed a useful metaphor for what development and change in organisations feels like when it makes a difference. 


The result is Edge+Stretch. 

A network not a one-man band with associates.


Many small consultancies are really sole traders or a couple of people with others who who feature as ‘associates’. That has always seemed a little grandiose to me, plus it ignores the fact that many of us have our own businesses and still work with and through others.

I know, because I do that also.


I am clear about what Edge+Stretch is, and is not. 


It is a diverse network of consultants, facilitators, coaches, scholars, writers and more. I collaborate with other consultancies and organisations who are similar yet different, for example Mayvin in the OD&D space, Adapt2Digital who specialize in people centred digital transformation and leadership, and Mirror Mirror, who offer a particularly powerful approach to increasing alignment in organisations. 

That's just three, and there are others. Plus if we can't help you, we can probably introduce you to someone who can.


Steve Hearsum


This is not a façade suggesting an organisation bigger than it actually is. 


We are people who share common beliefs and assumptions about the nature of change and organisations, a profoundly human-centred approach, and an understanding that it is in the messy and dirty work that real learning occurs. 


Value creation happens when you do the 'work proper'. 


for a flavour of who we are have a look here


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