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Organisations love to use the word 'agile'. We often hear clients say they want their people to 'be more agile', or to 'develop a more agile culture'. The problem is what exactly is meant by that is rarely defined, nor how you will know if you are indeed more agile or have a culture that is evolving to be more able to adapt to a change in context.

You may be using the word but are you really embodying agility?

We will help you explore your own agility by asking questions like:

  • How much room do you have to innovate and lead?

  • How does your inner critic get in the way of your personal agility?

  • What benefits would more agility bring to you personally and to your business?

Experience what it means to be agile rather than just talk about it.

It's easy to say you want to 'be more agile', a whole other thing to do do that. In no small part that is down to 'agile' showing up in organisations as one of those values that is laminated rather than lived.

Why is that? Two reasons mainly:

  1. It has become a synonym for aspirations to work differently, often used by leaders who struggle themselves to embody the thing they want to see.

  2. Measuring behavioural agility means keeping track of things like the number of new experiments that people are coming up with, and the extent to which rules are being broken and re-written. 

We help you to understand what it means to take the risks that more agile behaviour actually requires, in fun and stretching ways.

The offer.

Learning that is:​

  • Fast paced;

  • Deeply experiential;

  • Stretching and fun;

  • The ultimate in here-and-now work at the edge of your comfort zone.

In a nutshell, this is a rare chance to work with one of the edgiest improvisers in Europe and one of the edgier exponents of how to develop change and consulting skills.


Who you will be working with.


John Cremer has spent over thirty years in researching and applying an uncannily accurate method of reading people. He has deep experience working with award winning improvisation (improv) performers and practitioners globally and is the founder of the Maydays – one of Europe’s leading improv companies.  When John is not developing others, performing or presenting, he is usually fly-fishing.

Steve Hearsum has been described as 'the right kind of fly in the ointment'. With over twenty years' experience spanning internal and external consulting roles, he works with clients to develop their leadership practice. He also has substantial experience of , working with internal change practitioners to develop their consulting skills. When not working, Steve is either writing his book or walking a very fluffy dog. 

In a nutshell, this is a rare chance to work with one of the edgiest improvisers in Europe and one of the edgier exponents of how to develop change and consulting skills.


How it works.

Group size can be between eight and sixteen, and we offer two options:

  1. One day workshop: punchy, fast-paced and stretching, you get to experience what it means to be agile. 

  2. Two day programme: a chance to go deeper. Still fast paced and punchy, but with more time to linger as we make deeper connections to your leadership practice.

You will leave with:​

  • Increased awareness of: 

    • What agile is and is not;

    • What behaviours support human agility in organisations; 

    • Your own agility or lack of, and how to shift that;

    • Experiments to use in an organisational context;

    • How agility requires vulnerability;

  • Ninja/Spiderman skills;

  • Simple yet powerful techniques to quickly access inner creative resources.




Talk to us. We occasionally run open programmes with participants from multiple organisations, and are happy to discuss in-house and bespoke options.

be agile. 
don't just wear the 

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"You helped me develop my ability to ask the disruptive questions and agitate thinking, this I actively work at and always try to push myself to the edge of my ability and comfort zone, you enabled all of that."

Richard Sandiford

John Lewis Partnership

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