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your people are everything

Organisations rely on people.


Organisations are full of people. They can be simultaneously wonderful yet infuriating, by turns inspiring then draining, radically innovative yet conservative, willing to change and peculiarly reluctant to do so.


We get under the skin of your thinking and the assumptions you are making, surfacing differences and tensions that need to be worked through - at organisation, team and individual levels.


You decide where to start: we support and challenge you to find your edge and stretch.

We work with, not on, your people. 


We work with you and your people to help you to change your organisation and your experience of it - including performance, outcomes and how working there feels.  We do this by focusing on two areas in particular: strategic alignment and collaborative practice.


  • Strategic alignment – do you know where you are going, why and how you want to get there?


  • Collaborative practice – are you working together effectively, with sufficient psychological safety, to enable differences and conflict to be worked through so you can get on with what you need to?


We don't 'do change to you'. That would be pointless as you wouldn't learn.

“You work with [our context] in mind which means we feel heard and understood, and that creates a much more open atmosphere than other external consultants. You have agitated our thinking.”


Susie Crawley

NHS Sussex Partnership

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