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edge+stretch coaching for individuals

We work to some simple principles. 


  • The client-coach relationship is key – we establish clear boundaries from the start, and create the conditions for robust support, challenge, and holding to account.


  • Every client is an individual – sounds obvious, and worth saying. We don’t coach in a cookie-cutter style or with a “one size fits all” approach. We use a variety of methods, models and approaches in response to you and your context. 


  • We work from the perspective of the whole person - how you show up at work is not unrelated to how you are outside. We work to get into both presenting issues and underlying factors. This might mean challenging self-limiting beliefs whilst helping you amplify your strengths.  


  • Benefits go beyond the individual - if you change, then expect others to notice and respond. Your change does not happen in isolation, and neither does the impact.


  • Change comes from within – we support deep learning by asking transformational, rather than transactional questions. The answer typically comes from you; from within


  • We help you get comfy with mess – we support you to be more at ease  with complexity, ambiguity and uncertainty: the soup of organisational life. 


  • You want practical outputs and outcomes – we are all about the ‘Now what?’ We work with you on what is important and where you want to get to, supporting you to identify what you will do next, whether that is a small step or radical change.


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"It was very, very important to me that I worked with you as I knew you could help me in a way that would empower and not threaten or destabilise... I always felt supported in such a way by you that I could analyse my actions and thoughts and those of people around me in a helpful and constructive way."

Julia Day

National Numeracy

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