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Spaces for change practitioners and consultants to deepen their practice are surprisingly few and far between.


If you are a coach, finding a supervisor is a) expected and b) not that hard. If you are a consultant looking for a supervisor, that is not as straightforward. 

  • There are surprisingly few places to get accredited as a supervisor of consultants;

  • There are few places you can go to deepen your practice as a supervisor of consultants specifically.

Maybe that says something about the ethics of consulting as a field...

We offer supervisory and shadow consulting spaces for organisational change agents and consultants.

Our work in this field has grown out of clients approaching us. That has lead to us supporting individual consultants, coaches and change practitioners, internal teams and disparate groups of people from multiple contexts.

These engagements can be one off and targeted, or extend across a long period of time. We have supervision clients who have an open ended relationship with is, and those that contract for a period of time. 

Group size can vary, and for one client we ran a year long practice supervision group with over twenty internal Organisation Development and change practitioners in the health sector. Whilst these are group supervision spaces, the learning unfolds at the level of the individual practitioner.

Our open supervision programme can be found here,  and offers jargon-free peer learning grounded in the messy and dirty reality of what it means to be asked to change organisations.


Drop us a line if you want to learn more. 

"Prior to the programme I felt like I was beginning to disappear into the echo chamber of my own head around change.  I was tying myself up in knots and falling out of love with it.


This tapped me into a wider ecosystem of knowledge and passion. It acted as an anchoring point, bringing me back to the path that I want to travel."

Sarah Wicks


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Practice development from the inside out, not outside in.

Your context.

Your organisation.

Your change.

Your practice.


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