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edge+stretch mentoring for individuals

We help you learn through our experience.


Learning from other’s life and work experiences is key to mentoring. As a rule, we are not interested in charging for mentoring, preferring to offer it pro bono on a case-by-case basis when asked.


Steve Hearsum, founder of Edge+Stretch, has extensive experience as a mentor, including designing and running mentoring programmes. That work has spanned working with University students, start-ups, leaders and consultants. 


Steve also has close relationships with the OD Network Europe, which runs a free mentoring scheme for OD practitioners who are members. More details here.


Talk to us if you want to know more. If we can’t mentor you, we may be able to find someone who can.


“Working with you has really helped me to build confidence in my own abilities and challenged me to face into some uncomfortable but important areas of my personal development – thank you!”


Kate Williams



Find out more about our work:




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