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edge+stretch alignment: strategic+relational

We help you get aligned by working with the tension between strategy and relationships. 

It’s easy to say you are more ‘strategically aligned’ when in reality things are just a bit neater but still crunchy below the surface. 


A well-aligned team is one where people are clear about how the strategy of the organisation relates to their work. Crucially that also determines how they collaborate to learn and deliver together: alignment becomes an ongoing process of learning together that supports effective decision making, not a one-off intervention.

Lindsay Uittenbogaard is one of the people we work with, because her approach to team alignment echoes with our thinking. Visit her website to find out more about MirrorMirror.

An often-overlooked alignment problem.

The alignment between senior leadership teams that are the initiators of change and those that are tasked with delivering change is too often ignored, missed or undiscussable. The lack of alignment in that particular relationship is one of the biggest barriers to successful change, and an area we specialize in.

Get in touch to find out whether what you need aligns with what we do and how we can help.


“The definition of ‘alignment’ has moved on. It’s not about everyone thinking the same thing: it’s about cognitive and behavioural compatibility and it leads to more effective action.”


Lindsay Uittenbogaard

Mirror Mirror & E+S partner

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