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edge+stretch culture

Changing an organisation requires culture work. 

Too often we see clients rearrange the furniture (in organisations of thousands, in different countries, or in one location with far fewer people), only to hear that nothing is different because behaviour has not changed. Typically, that means the behaviour of the people at the top. 

If tops don’t change, why would anyone else bother?...

We don’t work on projects where senior leaders mandate behaviour change they are unwilling to model themselves. It doesn’t work and wastes time and money. We work with you to explore why behaviour change – for you and others - might be challenging and scary, and find ways to help you achieve it.

We start by exploring how we – together - might help you evolve your culture. That starts with the people who typically have most influence, and most to lose: the top team. That can be anxiety inducing, and we know how to "not let you off the hook whilst not leaving you feeling like you are on the hook", as one of our clients puts it. Doing that in isolation is rarely enough, so we advocate involving a diverse range of other stakeholders in the inquiry as soon as possible.


Get in touch to find out more about how we make culture-work less about communication plans and engagement strategies, and more about changing how you talk about, to and with each other.

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"You have a knack for not letting people off the hook, but not leaving them feeling like they are on the hook."

Adam Tickell

University of Sussex

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