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edge+stretch change practice

You are here because you want something to be different.

The Edge+Stretch approach to change starts with the assumption that you want something to be different, and that the difference is important, meaningful and matters. Otherwise, why bother?


Better sameness? We don't think so...

Central to our approach is that we come with an attitude and belief that you are not after better sameness. Better sameness is what you get when you say you want things to change but are not really up for the discomfort or work that entails e.g. it's like creating new organisational values without addressing how people behave. Things change, but remain the same. You have rearranged the furniture to create the conditions for more of the same.

We won’t collude with that, as it is a waste of time and money. 


The difference that makes a difference.

We build change practice and leadership skills where your organisation needs it, whether in the boardroom, specific teams and individuals, or across boundaries between functions. That means change happens through and with you, not because someone is doing it to you. 

Pressing problems require timely solutions, and we help you to find what works for you, in your context.

We don’t do ‘best practice’.

‘Best practice’ is based on the assumption that someone else knows what’s best for you and often offers a 'Silver Bullet' solution so that you don’t have to think about your own context.

We don’t know what is best for you: you do.


We help you work out what this is when you are struggling to see things clearly.


Are you game? We are, because what we do is not off piste, it’s just not in the manual.

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“…practitioners (business leaders or consultants) face pressing problems that require timely solutions. Success is measured less by ideas and more by actions that resolve the presenting challenge so that stakeholders get results." 

Dave Ulrich
From Making Knowledge Productive: Suggestions From and For a Personal Journey

"You helped me develop my ability to ask disruptive questions and agitate thinking. I [now] actively work at that and always try to push myself to the edge of my ability and comfort zone."

Richard Sandiford

John Lewis Partnership

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