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edge+stretch Consulting SKILLS 


If you want to change and improve organisations, you need people who can help you to do that, whether they are internal or external consultants.


We have been both, know what that takes and have worked with many clients to build that capability.


It means developing a deeper consulting practice, learning about not just skills, tools and models but most important of all, developing the appropriate mindset.

Change doesn’t happen through creating project plans and Gant charts.


We have been internal consultants, taught and facilitated on well-regarded Organisation Development and Design education programmes at respected institutions and know enough of the theories and models to make us useful but not dangerous.


More importantly, we know it's not easy on the inside.


We can design bespoke solutions to your context, share with you what has worked elsewhere and agree the appropriate blend of theory and practice-based learning for your context. 

What we won’t do is deliver 'tools only' programmes. They don’t work, period. We offer learning that connects theory to practice, supporting and challenging you to bring real-world work problems to the learning space. We favour action research and action learning-based approaches, supplemented by theory as necessary, and can offer accredited and non-accredited programmes, the former in conjunction with Mayvin, a specialist OD&D consultancy who we are close to and collaborate with. 

Get in touch to find out more more about how to build change capability in your organisation and how to make us and other consultants redundant. 

Being an effective consultant or practitioner is about more than certifications and knowledge acquisition.


It is a function of the extent to which you understand change in human systems and can intervene in them. 

Steve Hearsum

"You have provided a really powerful foundation for me to build my practice with. I was looking for an edge that was of utility to my client and to some extent you gave me a USP."

Richard Sandiford

John Lewis Partnership

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