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edge+stretch collaboration

Learning how to collaborate means wrestling with your relationship with conflict, and challenging your stories and assumptions.


We help with that.


Most organisations get collaboration wrong for two reasons:

  1. They confuse collaboration with cooperation, prizing the preservation of harmony over working through tensions and differences

  2. They are not sufficiently skilled in doing conflict well.


The problem is, if you cannot ‘do’ collaboration, then cross-functional working is difficult, climate and culture can worsen, and value creation tanks. All you get is ‘better sameness’. 

There is no Silver Bullet for collaboration. 

It requires doing the ‘work proper’. Get in touch to improve how you work together, work with difference, do conflict well and get better at being usefully crunchy with each other.

“You take people to a place where they're uncomfortable, but never unsafe.”


Adrian Clarke

Virgin Media

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