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edge+stretch organisation 


You are here because you need Organisation Development or Design expertise…

We get beyond the labels. We take a grounded and pragmatic approach to theories, tools and models, and draw on different practices dependent on your need and context. We don't slavishly adherence to one school of thought. 

That means listening first to your story before deciding which body of knowledge or skillset is most useful.

If the answer was in a label, model or theory, life would be easy…


We see too many clients focus narrowly on either Organisation Development or Design, one ending up as secondary to the other. Organisation Design-driven transformation that draws new boxes around things without taking into account people and culture. Or Organisation Development as a dark art that is there to help people relate to each other better whilst missing the importance of structural or process change. 

Some of us are known as ‘experts’ in our field, but more than anything we bring a grounded pragmatism to change when we work with you.  

Drop us a line if you want to learn how to organize in a way that draws on ideas and practices from a variety of relevant disciplines, not just one school of thought or narrow discipline.

“All models are wrong, some are useful”

Naomi Stanford

Experts are great. They are even better if they help you develop your own expertise.

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