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edge+stretch digital transformation

We help you stay grounded and pragmatic.

We could bang on about Digital 2.0 or the Fourth (or is it now the Fifth?...) Industrial Revolution, or the Second Machine Age, or maybe the Great Reset and New Normal, both progeny of COVID-19.

Our view is that what’s changing provides important context, and we need to understand what is genuinely novel. Changes are often only superficial and conceal an age-old underlying tension, namely that of working with social processes in organisations to develop cultures that support work. 

Keeping it simple.

Our approach is informed by the work of our friends at Adapt2Digital and their DilynWayTM framework. Its value lies in its simplicity, and in the way it adapts. They update the framework twice a year based on three baseline areas: Technology shift; Data shift; and Behavioural shift. We like it because it is a Digital First, People Always approach. More here.

That plus our own deep experience of culture work, leadership practice development and collaboration allows us to blend an awareness of the new with what it takes to change people and organisations.

Get in touch for help with your digital strategy, culture, transformation or simply to understand what on earth all that digital jargon means.


There has always been a gap between the leading edge of technology and social processes. Digital and emerging technologies make that gap widen, faster.


Steve Hearsum

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